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Power to Learn, Cablevision's nationally recognized education initiative, empowers K-12 learning in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado by making technology in the classroom useful and by facilitating the home-school connection. Founded in 1998, Power to Learn provides:
  • Broadband Internet access to schools and libraries;
  • Single-line Voice, to enhance learning through collaboration;
  • Cable television service, bringing educational programming into school curricula;
  • Powertolearn.com, an online learning community for teachers, students and parents; and
  • Technology applications to make the Internet useful for learning.

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Internet Access
Power to Learn provides state of the art high-speed Internet access to schools and libraries in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado.

  • Offerings range from free basic high-speed Internet access to complete telecommunications solutions.

  • All K-12 schools and libraries in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado are eligible to receive our Starter Network at no charge. A starter network allows a school or library to connect up to 25 computers to the Internet for web based learning and communication. For schools with more advanced needs, Power to Learn offers a wide range of Internet access offerings at sharply reduced prices.

  • Schools have access to a dedicated education technical support staff, specially trained to service the K-12 education community. This is unique amongst Internet providers in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado and within the cable industry.

  • Power to Learn education managers work closely with schools to determine the best technological solutions to meet their needs. In addition, Power to Learn education managers solicit feedback from schools to inform the content and product offerings pursued by Power to Learn.

Single Line Voice - Available in NY, NJ & CT Only
Power to Learn encourages teachers to combine the Web and the phone to create collaboration opportunities without technical hassles or expensive equipment. Providing digital voice-over-cable services to schools for educational purposes, Cablevision's Optimum Voice is the newest addition in Power to Learn's free education package offering schools an unlimited-calling, high-quality phone service, expanding the reach of the classroom to enhance learning.

Cable Television Service
Recognizing the instructional power of video, Cablevision has been providing free cable service to schools for more than 25 years, and our commitment to bringing educational programming into school curricula continues to this day. Schools can take advantage of hundreds of hours of commercial free educational programming provided by the cable industry.

Powertolearn.com provides unique learning opportunities and multimedia educational content to teachers, students and parents and fosters the home-school connection. Each year, powertolearn.com hosts dozens of educational programs to facilitate the integration of broadband technology into the classroom and across the curriculum. Powertolearn.com has been recognized with the Beacon award for best education website for 5 consecutive years. Powertolearn.com highlights include:

  • Internet Smarts - a multifaceted program, which provides a forum for teachers and parents to work with children to understand which online behaviors and practices are safe and appropriate and those, which are not.

  • Read to Achieve - students improve their reading skills and take a quiz to earn a personalized postcard from a NY Knicks player.

  • Math M.V.P.s - students test their math skills to earn a personalized postcard from a NY Rangers player.

  • Partnerships - cable affiliate partnerships, which bring the best of broadband and unique learning opportunities.

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