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Gadgets by the Gadget Gals

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Gadgets to Make You Smile
by the Gadget Gals

If you are looking for gadgets to give as a fun gift or just to brighten up your day when you are in the midst of a boring computer project, you'll love these heated gloves and screen cleaners. They are definitely smile producers for both kids and adults and they're useful, too.


We know what you are thinking. Heated gloves sound great for walks and going outside when it's cold, but you certainly wouldn't want to lug your computer out just so your gloves could heat up. Well, these aren't your ordinary outdoor gloves.  These are inside gloves to warm you up when air conditioning is a problem, and you can't reset it because the thermostat for your classroom or office is in another room where the occupants prefer cool air.

USB G-Gloves are obviously designed with women and teenaged girls in mind. They come one size that fits most women and are predominately either pink or purple. Preschool, primary and elementary teachers and parents of preschoolers will love them, for they have the ABCs knitted beautifully on them. The finger area is open to give you flexibility with your typing or mouse maneuvers.

The gloves are made of wool and have a little heating pad that resembles a pocket sewn into the top. Just plug each glove into a USB port and set the level of heat that you want.

If you'd like to find out more about this unique computer accessory, go to Perpetual Kid. The gloves are listed at $22.95.


Another neat item available from Perpetual Kid is the Animal Screen Cleaner ($6.99). These are delightful little spiders, caterpillars, or fish that are approximately two inches long. They attach to the side of your computer monitor. Then when your screen needs cleaning, all you have to do is to pull your animal's retractable cord and use its cuddly velvet belly to wipe off up to twenty-four inches of your computer or television screen. The animals work on flat screens as well.

If you want to add a whimsical character to your computer accessories, try one of these eye-catching screen cleaners. A look at colorful caterpillar, spider, or fish dangling happily from your screen will brighten your day-and they make cute gifts too!

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