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Gadgets by the Gadget Gals

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I Can't Get 'Em Up in the Morning
by the Gadget Gals

Getting kids up in the morning can be a real chore so maybe it was inevitable that some technology guru would get into the fray and design a digital alarm clock to help get the job done. Take a look at what creative minds have come up with to get kids (and adults) moving.

The Flying Alarm Clock ($39.95)

Hammacher-Schlemmer is a company always ready with the unique, and its Flying Alarm Clock is certainly that. This clock, according to its description, "launches a rotor into the air that flies around the room as the alarm sounds, flying up to 9' in the air, and will not cease ringing until the rotor is returned to the alarm clock base, compelling even the most stubborn sleepers to get out of bed on time."

This has got to be one of the most ingenious ways to get even the most stubborn lay-a-beds up and running - perfect for a number of teenage boys I know and others who deserve no sympathy in the battle to get ‘em up!

Peaceful Progression Wake Up Clock ($49.95)

While not as exciting as the Flying Clock, the Peaceful Progression Wakeup Clock, also from Hammacher-Schlemmer,  provides just that-a pleasant way to arise. This clock uses light, aromas (aroma therapy beads), and peaceful sounds as motivation. When it's time for the alarm to go off, the clock begins to spread its light gradually filling the whole room. As it does, the heat from the light triggers scent to fill the room, and selected sounds such as ocean surf, mountain streams, and songbirds provide further motivation for starting a new day. Ah, makes you want to go right to sleep. -And yes, you can use the clock to go to sleep, which may be better than a hot bath and warm milk.

The Motiwake Personal Development Alarm Clock ($59.95)

Motiwake offers the The Motiwake Alarm Clock, which wakes you up with motivational expressions. Maybe you need to lose weight, quit smoking, or exercise. You can set the clock to wake you up with thoughts that will help you achieve your goals. Topics available from the clock include: focusing on business, becoming alcohol free, engaging in healthy eating, getting the job you want, feeling good, eliminating phobias, managing time, investing tips, parenting suggestions, and lots more.

The company also has motivational clocks for MP3 players and telephones.

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