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Gadgets by the Gadget Gals

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Publish Your Own Books
by the Gadget Gals

While checking out the booths at the National Education Computing Conference in New Orleans, the Gadget Gals spotted Linda Klein of Lintor Publishing, Inc. who was busy at work making books. She continued putting her books together as she explained, "Anything you can print, you can publish. Projects become much more meaningful when the end result is a beautiful hard-bound book."

She's right. Children love to see their work made into a real book, and teachers often assemble student work into book form with staplers, hole punchers, ribbons, cardboard, etc. Sometimes teachers send student work away to a publishing company so that it can be professionally bound. Although such student books turn out looking quite nice, the cost of providing these books for a class can be high. There is generally a fee for submission of one book (usually about $ 70 - $100) and a fee (usually about $10 up depending upon size) for each book purchased. Keep in mind that using this method, all the books are the same.

With the Lintor products, teachers can publish each student's work separately. Consider what this would cost if each student's book were sent off to a publisher separately. Okay, the Gadget Gals know you are thinking, these books have to be put together, don't they? What if I'm not great at craft projects? No problem. If you can staple, peel, and press, you can do it in a few minutes. The binding paper provided holds the book in place in the spine of the hardcover or softcover, and the company provides reinforcement strips if you need them. It's actually quite easy. The most difficult step we encountered was trying to separate the binding paper from its protective backing, which wasn't that much of a problem just a matter of getting it started.

The software on the CD works with both Macintosh and PC computers and comes with a network site license. Instructions for assembly are given through a video on the CD. (Instructions, in addition, are also provided on all the binding sheets, making it unnecessary to go back and view the video.) With the software, children use templates to make their books and titles for the books. Spanish templates are provided with the package as are application suggestions and ways to integrate exciting book projects into the curriculum.

Covers and binding material can be purchased separately. You order hardback, paperback, and landscape book covers in 9"x12" or 6"x9". If you get the 9"x12" covers, it's quite simple to use printouts on regular 8"x11" paper for your books. The templates provided on the CD only make things easier for you and your students.

Klein suggests that the books can be used not only in classroom activities, but for after school writing clubs, literacy magazines, author celebrations, class yearbooks, Apple iPhoto books, fund raising events, etc. They are excellent for project-based learning activities, bilingual instruction, motivation for writing and reading, and special education.

The Gadget Gals suggest, in addition, that parents and grandparents will enjoy using the Lintor materials with their children and grandchildren. With them they can capture memories of times spent together, vacations, personal achievements, family trees, stories written at home, etc. Think of a family library packed with personal memories preserved for the future.

Product Details

Lintor Publishing Package
Includes CD with video, instructions, and publishing materials for 30 books
Price - $103 - $200
Check the Lintor site for specifics.
CD works with both PC and Mac

Ordering Information

Lintor Publishing, Inc.
317 West Solano Drive
Phoenix, AZ 85013

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