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Parenting with Technology

Parenting with Technology
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The Next Best Thing to an Elf - Your Computer
by Diane S. Kendall, 12/11/2003
Here are some ideas on how your computer can help you get through the holidays by staying organized or making last minute gifts.

Go Backyard for the Holidays
by Diane S. Kendall, 11/27/2003
Looking for a sure bet kid's software title for the 5-to-10 year old crowd to buy this year for the holidays? I'd place my money on any of the Backyard Sports titles from Infogrammes/Atari.

Some Holiday Technology Shopping Do's and Don'ts
by Diane S. Kendall, 11/14/2003
Here are some tips for holiday technology shopping - at the local technology superstore or elsewhere.

Parents, Kids, Computers and School Projects - Avoiding a Technology Meltdown
by Diane S. Kendall, 10/31/2003
Sometimes it never seems to fail that that the night before a big school project is due is when your technology goes on the blink. Here's some advice to help avoid that kind of technology meltdown.

What Kinds of Questions to Ask about Technology at School
by Diane S. Kendall, 10/17/2003
One of the issues of Parenting with Technology is knowing what kind questions to ask at school about what is going in the classroom with computers and other digital devices. Here's a starter list of questions to help you find out whether your child is getting what they need.

Going Legit - Legal Music Sites
by Diane S. Kendall, 10/02/2003
So where can you direct your children to go to download legitimate music files? Here are some popular places to start.

Sex, Drugs, and Now...Music Downloads
by Diane S. Kendall, 09/11/2003
Here's the scoop on just what the recording industry suits against people who illegally download music are all about.

24/7 Tech Support
by Diane S. Kendall, 09/04/2003
It's getting late on a school night, the paper is due tomorrow, the computer crashes - who do you turn to?

The Internet Niche Guide - Becoming a Know-It-All in the Internet Age
by Diane S. Kendall, 06/20/2003
Here's your chance to become an Internet Know-It-All.

Questions and Concerns from the Bleachers - Computer Literacy
by Diane S. Kendall, 06/05/2003
The question on the bleachers this spring was about computer literacy.

Making You Own Computer Manual
by Diane S. Kendall, 05/22/2003
Coping with computers sometimes means being more detail oriented than they are.

Coping with a New Computer
by Diane S. Kendall, 05/08/2003
Here's some advice on how to get organized with a new family computer.

by Diane S. Kendall, 04/24/2003
Even if you don't think you need a spam filter now, you probably will soon. Help protect your family by finding out what they do and how they do it.

Disposable Email at Your Service
by Diane S. Kendall, 04/10/2003
Not sure you want to give your email address to just anyone? It might be time to go dispoable.

Putting SPAM Back in the Can
by Diane S. Kendall, 03/27/2003
Spam is annoying, time consuming, and well - there ought to be a law about it - but there isn't much on the books at this point. So what can you do to protect yourself and your kids who are out online more and more these days?

Virtual Grandparenting Part 3 - Be a Homework Helper
by Diane S. Kendall, 03/13/2003
Now thanks to the Internet, even if grandparents live far away, it's so much easier for them to take part in certain school projects.

Just What Do We Do in Times of Crisis?
by Dr. Merle Marsh, Guest Columnist, 02/20/2003
These days it is important to stay informed. Here are some selected links for parents from a school administrator as well as suggestions for planning ahead with your school for a crisis.

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