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Parenting with Technology

Parenting with Technology
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Will Your Child's Computer Report or Presentation Work at School?
by Diane S. Kendall, 12/29/2004
When kids decide to use their home computer to create a report or presentation for a school assignment, they don't usually think about whether the report made on their home computer will work at school. This guide should help you help your children avoid frustrations that can come when equipment has not been checked ahead of time.

Some Holiday Technology Shopping Dos and Don'ts - an Update
by Diane S. Kendall, 11/24/2004
Here are some updated tips for holiday technology shopping - at the local technology superstore or elsewhere.

The Expanding Boundaries of Internet Safety
by Diane S. Kendall, 11/08/2004
Internet safety is more than just making sure you and your kids don't reveal personal information online. It's also about knowing in your digital rights and obligations.

Port Savvy
by Diane S. Kendall, 10/15/2004
As peripherals become more and more a part of how we interact with our computers, it's important that everyone in the family understands how to make the connection.

Finding the Right Techie
by Diane S. Kendall, 09/28/2004
Don't know where to start in finding a good tech support person? Here are the basics.

Back-to-School Shopping List - Technology Basics and Back-ups
by Diane S. Kendall, 09/03/2004
With a little forethought, you can eliminate the last minute or late night calamities related to missing printer paper and ink that seem to be inherent when technology becomes part of the schoolwork scene.

Homework and the Home Computer: The "Paperless" Research Paper - Citation
by Diane S. Kendall, 06/18/2004
Whether a your child's reference materials are collected on paper or on the computer, they have a responsibility to keep track of where they got the information , who authored it and to cite it properly. Here's how to guide them to do it correctly.

Homework and the Home Computer: The "Paperless" Research Paper - Harvesting the Information
by Diane S. Kendall, 06/02/2004
Learn how to help your kids pick and choose information from Web sites.

Homework and the Home Computer: The "Paperless" Research Paper - Planning and Organizing
by Diane S. Kendall, 05/03/2004
Spending a little time up front to get organized to do a research paper on the computer can pay off big at the end of the project. Here's how to help your kids learn to do it.

Homework and the Home Computer: The "Paperless" Research Paper - Finding a Topic
by Diane S. Kendall, 04/16/2004
Here are some practical ideas for how you and your home computer can help your child pick a topic for a school research project or cope with an assigned one.

Paying Attention to Technology
by Diane S. Kendall, 04/07/2004
Here are some ideas for getting your child to pay attention to how technology can be helpful with homework.

Homework and the Home Computer: Gadgets
by Diane S. Kendall, 03/23/2004
Even homework has helpful gadgets.

Homework and the Home Computer: Basic Hardware
by Diane S. Kendall, 03/05/2004
Homework on the computer is like every kind of job: it's better when you have the right hardware.

Homework and the Home Computer: Brainstorming
by Diane S. Kendall, 02/23/2004
Here's how to help your kids use the computer as a tactical weapon in the battle against writer's block.

Homework and the Home Computer: Computer Magic :The Power of the Do-Over
by Diane S. Kendall, 02/17/2004
When it comes to homework, the computer is a magic slate with the power and potential of hassle and anxiety free do overs.

Homework and the Home Computer: Going Paperless - An Introduction
by Diane S. Kendall, 01/26/2004
It's time to tap the full potential of this marvelous machine you've spent so much of your hard-earned money on.

Too Much Information
by Diane S. Kendall, 01/08/2004
Too much, even of a good thing like information, can be too much. Here are some ideas for how to cope.

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