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Parenting with Technology

Parenting with Technology
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The Search for the Perfect Gift Online - Part Two
Diane S. Kendall, 12/15/2007
Even after a tech savvy parent like you has found that perfect gift online, there are a few things to think about before pressing the Checkout button.

The Search for the Perfect Gift Online - Part One
Diane S. Kendall, 12/01/2007
Here are some tips, tricks and caveats for busy parents getting ready to do searching for holiday gifts online.

How Much Information Is Too Much?
Dr. Merle Marsh, Guest Columnist, 11/20/2007
Student Information Systems include Parent Portals designed to let parents view grades, home assignments, project deadlines and guidelines, and other information such as attendance, behavior, etc. on a timely basis. Sounds great and it is, but there are drawbacks, too.

Just Because You Can, Doesnít Mean You Should
Diane S. Kendall, 10/29/2007
In these days of smarts phones, Blackberries, Treos, iPhones and more, itís possible to send email anytime and anywhere, but does that mean you should?

PWT Lessons From the OSU Coach Incident
Diane S. Kendall, 10/08/2007
There are some lessons about parenting with technology that can be derived from the recent OSU coach's press conference incident that everyone's been talking about.

You Can Get It for Free at the Library
Diane S. Kendall, 09/24/2007
These days your local library is so much more than books. Sign on to your library's homepage and see how they can expand your access to the world of information.

Make No Assumptions: Back-to-School with Kids and Technology
Diane S. Kendall, 09/05/2007
As kids head back-to-school the best advice I can give you about technology, your kids and school is Ė make no assumptions.

Getting Away From the Digital Life
Diane S. Kendall, 06/19/2007
While the summer is a great time to teach your kids, and learn from them, about technology, also try to take some time away from the digital life.

Probably Too Much Time On Technology - Part 2
Diane S. Kendall, 06/06/2007
Parents are always saying their kids are spending 'probably too much time' with technology. What can parents do about it?

Probably Too Much Time On Technology - Part 1
Diane S. Kendall, 05/15/2007
Parents are always saying their kids are spending probably too much time with technology. What should parents really worry about when it comes to time on digital diversions?

The Return of the Cell Phone War?
Diane S. Kendall, 05/02/2007
If a war between parents and your school breaks out over kids' access to cell phones, make sure you understand the issues involved.

Can't Draw a Straight Line
Diane S. Kendall, 04/24/2007
A new book called Creative Computer Crafts has lots of ideas and resources for using your family computer as a tool for crating as well as school projects.

The MySpace Paradox
Diane S. Kendall, 04/17/2007
There's a lollapalooza of a paradox shaping up when it comes to our politicians, DOPA and social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook.

Digital Rights Management - A Q&A Primer for Parents
Diane S. Kendall, 04/03/2007
As the parent of a young person in the age of media downloading (free, hacked, shared or paid for), it's important to understand the debate over digital rights management.

Parenting and Proofreading - Going Offline
Diane S. Kendall, 03/23/2007
One of the biggest jobs of parenting in this digital age is to help kids figure out what's best done without the aid of technology. Final draft proofreading is one of those things.

Parenting and Proofreading
Diane S. Kendall, 02/27/2007
Here's a list of methods for you and your family for getting the most out of your computer's proofreading assistance.

The Podcast Explosion
Diane S. Kendall, 02/15/2007
The volume and variety of podcasts now available is staggering. Here are some ideas for getting started if you aren't already part of this phenomenon. Best of all? All this information is for FREE!

Valentines for the Troops
Diane S. Kendall, 02/02/2007
Connect with the Troops offers an excellent way for you and your children to share their feelings and inspiration with those in the military. Connect and Join, part of the Connect with the Troops site, is a Web-based program designed to help military families keep in touch.

A Race to the Bottom?
Diane S. Kendall, 01/11/2007
New sites are making it possible for users to share unmonitored and unfiltered live broadcasts and face-to-face video chats using web cams increasing the opportunities for harassment and lewd displays online.

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