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Software Reviews for Parents

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Time for Tycoons
By Diane S. Kendall, 12/22/2004
Simulations are a great way for kids to find out how the world works. Here's a peek at the latest batch.

Clever Software for Gift Giving
By Diane S. Kendall, 12/07/2004
Stumped for a great gift? Don't forget about software for most everyone on your list.

Better than Candy - Seasonal Software That Tricks and Treats Long After the Holiday is Over
By Diane S. Kendall, 10/27/2004
Here are two software titles fit for Halloween treats.

Zoo Vet
By Diane S. Kendall, 10/19/2004
Here's a piece of simulation software that lets young zoo vet wannabes try their hands and their hearts at being in charge at the zoo.

Hula Hamsters
By Diane S. Kendall, 09/07/2004
Follow the adventures of the Hula Hamsters and see what the best in children's software looks like.

Dragon Tales for the 4-to-6 Year Old Crowd
By Diane S. Kendall, 06/24/2004
Dragon Tales: Learn & Fly with Dragons is a great new addition to the genre of skills software for the 4-to-6 crowd.

I Spy Fantasy
By Diane S. Kendall, 05/26/2004
In this software title based on the popular book series, kids become simulated sleuths and decode riddles and clues. They can explore three different fantasy environments while practicing vocabulary building and problem solving skills.

Mango Plumo's Earth Adventure
By Diane S. Kendall, 04/08/2004
The wicked wizard, Hocus Pocus, is turning the Earth's physical features upside down. On top of that heís stolen 6 of the Earthís treasures and itís up to kids and Mango Plumo to bury the wizardís evil plans and save the planet.

Little Bill Has Got A Lot To Think About
By Diane S. Kendall, 03/16/2004
Surprise, surprise - school is closed. Help Little Bill pass the time by playing games around his house and locating hidden items that make up a secret surprise.

Making Music Makes a Comeback
By Diane S. Kendall, 02/23/2004
Morton Subotnick's Making Music is a fun place for kids to create, play with and just experience music.

Pure Pleasure for Pre-Schoolers : Putt-Putt and Pep's Birthday Surprise
By Diane S. Kendall, 01/15/2004
Joining Putt-Putt the Car to plan a birthday surprise party for his dog Pep is a delight for the preschool crowd.

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