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Software Reviews for Teachers

Software Reviews for Teachers
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Funky Fun: Plasq's Comic Life Magiq
Diane S. Kendall, 06/04/2008
Called the quantum evolution of Comic Life software, Comic Life Magiq retains the ease and creativity of Comic Life and combines it with a host of options including photo and text editing, templates, props, balloons, and spray cans. Using the software is great fun and the results can be serious, funky, crazy, and even beautifulóit depends on your mood or what you want to produce.

The Pokemon Learning League
Diane S. Kendall, 05/13/2008
The Pokemon Learning League is an online suite of lessons for grades 3-6 that may have just the hook you need to help reinforce your studentís math, science and language arts understanding and skills - at home or at school.

Charge of the Hexbugs
Dr. Merle Marsh, 04/15/2008
Innovation First, Inc., a place to travel online for robotic equipment, now brings us the intriguing Hexbugs, little six-legged robots designed to get creative thinking and fund-raising for robotics flowing. With their sensor feelers and noise recognition software, these bugs are a hit in classrooms and homes.

Kidspiration: Visual Learning for Grades K-5
Dr. Merle Marsh, 04/02/2008
Inspiration's Kidspiration 3 provides even more ways for students to put visual learning to work in their studies. This version features what's called a cross curricular visual workspace that makes learning fun. Besides adding to the resources already available in previous versions of Kidspiration, Version 3 brings hands-on type mathematics activities to the classroom.

Read & Write Gold Is Solid
Diane S. Kendall, 03/03/2008
Read & Write Gold seamlessly puts many of the best assistive technology tools together in a word processor interface making it perfect for students struggling with a variety of learning difficulties.

BookFLIX by Scholastic
Dr. Merle Marsh, Guest Columnist, 01/25/2008
Scholastic's BookFLIX is a terrific online program that brings the joy of reading to children in Grades Kindergarten through Three. It features readings of fictional storybooks and non-fiction ebooks along with games for the kids and teacher materials for educators.

Quiz Bowl Fun
Dr. Merle Marsh, Guest Columnist, 01/16/2008
With Quiz Bowl from Educational Insights teachers enter questions related to course content, and students compete as in a game show. The program comes with all the equipment (except batteries) that teachers need to get the games going.

Social, Emotional & Physical Fitness Resources
Merle Marsh, Guest Columnist, 11/20/2007
With CD and video creations from Trevor Romain and Scope Seven, you'll have the classroom resources you need to help your students avoid problems (or at least tackle, understand, and deal with) problems that may keep them from doing their best in school and in life.

Have You Seen the Nova?
Dr. Merle Marsh, Guest Columnist, 10/08/2007
Smaller and more durable than a standard computer but larger and more durable than a handheld, the nifty little Nova is finding its way into classrooms and labs. This low-cost computer can word process, collect data, create presentations, recognize handwriting, make graphs, connect to Internet sites, get email and more.

Hey, What Was That You Said?
Merle Marsh, Guest Columnist, 09/11/2007
Kids usually set the volume on MP3 players above levels that are safe for their hearing. Here are some steps teachers can take so that their students won't face noise-induced hearing loss and products that can help stop it before it starts.

BBC Science Simulations
Diane S. Kendall, 06/06/2007
The BBC Science Simulations taps something the computer does best- without the mess - hands-on science simulations.

Updated Kid Works
Diane S. Kendall, 05/16/2007
A revised Kid Works Deluxe, the creative writing, drawing and talking word processor program for elementary students is back and ready to run on current operating systems.

Art Instruction and Technology Team Up
Diane S. Kendall, 04/11/2007
Online art lessons for elementary and lower middle school kids from GeeGuides offer a well-done, alternative way to offer art instruction at a reasonable price as well as a must-meet set of character hosts presented in world class animation.

Zip and Zoom into Learning English
Diane S. Kendall, 03/21/2007
One new program ready to 'go to work' right out of the box to help young English Language Learners is Zip Zoom English from Scholastic.

Podcast Primer
Diane S. Kendall, 02/21/2007
Here's a primer of podcast basics to help get you launched on using these resources in your classroom.

Valentines for the Troops
Diane Kendall, 01/19/2007
Many teachers in the United States are looking for way for their students to show support for our troops, especially those who are deployed to other nations. Connect with the Troops offers an excellent way for students to share their feelings and inspiration with those in the military. Connect and Join, part of the Connect with the Troops site, is a Web-based program for helping military families keep in touch.

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