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Software Reviews for Teachers

Software Reviews for Teachers
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Can a Computer Really Grade Student Writing?
Diane S. Kendall, 12/13/2006
Pearson Knowledge Technologies provides schools with a program that can actually grade summaries as accurately as a human. Using WriteToLearn students read passages, write summaries, and get immediate feedback on their writing - all on the computer.

Books by You and Others
Diane S. Kendall, 12/07/2006
Every kid wants to be an author, but how hard is it to get started? Books by You and Teachingbooks.net can help.

InspireData - Making Data Dance
Diane S. Kendall, 10/16/2006
InspireData has everything your students need for creating professional-looking graphs for their assignments. The program includes tools for data collection, design, and presentation. It helps them visualize, investigate, understand information and learn about presentation skills.

An Unbelievable Teacher and Student Assistant - Microsoft Student with Encarta Premium 2007
Diane S. Kendall, 09/15/2006
Microsoft Student with Encarta Premium 2007 is a complete classroom and homework package that's packed with help for your students and you. It comes with a multimedia encyclopedia, extensive resources for learning and teaching mathematics, research materials and guidelines, and curriculum-based templates and tutorials.

In the House with Millie, Bailey and Sammy
Diane S. Kendall, 06/12/2006
Millie’s Math House, Bailey’s Book House and Sammy’s Science House , three classic early learning software titles, make a triumphal return to the school scene as part of Riverdeep’s Destination Success series.

Two Special Things About Clip Art Station
Diane S. Kendall, 04/24/2006
Here’s an inexpensive cache of photos students can use for projects as well as add to by entering the Olympus Student Photo Contest.

Time to Google at Some Free Movies
Diane S. Kendall, 04/10/2006
Free historic videos from the National Archives are now available on Google video.

End Copyright Confusion - Two Books That Can Help
Diane S. Kendall, 03/03/2006
With Carol Simpson’s books, you’ll no longer have to worry about how to find out what the copyright laws have to say about how you and your students can legally employ a particular kind of media.

UltraKey 5.0
Diane S. Kendall, 01/20/2006
UltraKey 5.0 offers districts the ability to not only easily manage keyboarding instruction district-wide but opens up the possibility of where the practice takes place – at school or at home.

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