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Technology Resources for Teachers

Technology Resources for Teachers
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It's Learning from Europe
by Merle Marsh, 12/17/09

It’s impossible to describe all It’s Learning does, so I’ll break it down into what it can do for students, teachers, administrators and technology managers.

Teachers—Calling the program “deeply satisfying”, a teacher in the Netherlands was amazed at how using It’s Learning freed up time to work with individual student needs.  With it, teachers in Europe and now the United States are creating dynamic courses packed with Web-based content, games and video. They like the automatic quizzes, assessments, grading, and plagiarism controls. Then there’s the ability to connect their students to courses that have been created by teachers in other schools. It’s Learning is already in over 2000 schools in Europe, so think of the advantages of being able to organize Web 2.0 content and of the connections you can make with European schools.

Students—Students have the ability to enroll in your courses and in courses created by teachers in other schools.  The program helps them with organization and with keeping track of learning goals and accomplishments. They’ll be using 21st Century skills as they work with multimedia tools and take on individual and collaborative projects. It’s Learning includes portfolio areas for collecting private and assessment information and for organizing work.  Other features include discussions, blogs, AV conferencing, collaborative writing, messaging, calendars, the ability to record audio and video, and much more.

Administrators—Administrators like it because it increases communication between home and school, maps assessments to state and district standards, and motivates teachers to work collaboratively. They are interested in it because of how it engages students in learning and offers flexibility for addressing individual student needs.  Users can access it from computers, iPhones, Wii and other digital devices.

Technology Managers— Those working to keep technologies going in schools appreciate the fact that all users are always on the same version of the program. No time for upgrading is needed. The system uses what is called “cloud computing” or SaaS (Software as a Service), meaning that it’s provided through the Internet and that It’s Learning takes care of implementation and system management. The program integrates with existing IT programs and brings teaching and learning tools together in a centralized place. There’s also an Idea Portal where users can make suggestions for improving It’s Learning.

It’s Learning Summarized

The program features ways to help schools with planning, engaging, learning, assessing, reflecting, and reporting. Integration of It’s Learning requires no local installation or maintenance; offers anywhere access, automatic updates, a secure learning environment, and lower costs. Besides all that, it’s said to be ready to be put to use in 24 hours. With the program, students can create personal learning blogs, ePortfolios, multimedia content, Web pages, collaborative projects, and much more. They can join courses from other schools, hold real-time discussions, collect data for surveys, keep personal calendars—you name it.

There are an abundance of options for teachers and administrators, which include grade books, planning tools, online examinations, custom reports, accessibility support, international standards, and individualized learning plans.

If you are interested in this learning system, you’ll want to go to the site and take a look at the science demo. You can also request the US demo and additional information including a slideshow about the product.  For pricing, check with the company for rates vary.

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