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Most people don't realize that the FDNY has their own video production team. Videos are taken of all sorts of activities including: training, graduation ceremonies, press conferences and special events.

Kristin Eng is a video and multimedia producer for the FDNY. She explains that every day can be different, because she may be asked to shoot any number of different events or fire related activities. She is also responsible for editing videos and adding graphics.

A Lot To Learn

"The more knowledgeable and well rounded you are, the more success you'll have", says Kristin. She has learned to use cameras, editing equipment and computers for the technical part of the job. She also believes that being familiar with art, history, business, politics and current events is important, because the more you know, the more comfortable you will feel creating videos and presentations for many different groups of people to watch.

To make good video presentations you need to be creative, well-organizid and able to think quickly. It also takes a lot of patience to edit your work since you'll have to watch tapes closely and very carefully.

"You should also be able to lift, carry and set up your equipment anywhere you need to", adds Kristin.

Get A Jump On The Competition

If you want to pursue this type of career, Kristin recommends that you take computer graphics design courses and any video or television production courses offered in high school and in college. You might, also, do as Kristin did, and take an internship at a television station while still in school.

After school, you'll want to gain work experience. For Kristin, it meant getting her first job with a corporate video department in California, where she learned to produce videos both inside and outside of the studio. She also learned to write and report stories for a monthly news magazine show. From that point on, she produced and edited for companies like Marriott International and Medialink Worldwide. She worked briefly for FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency at Ground Zero following the World Trade Center disaster. It was there that she met members of the FDNY during the rescue efforts and later applied for her current job.

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