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Teachnet Power to Learn Grant Program teachersnetwork.org

Congratulations to the Teachnet Power to Learn grant recipients who developed innovative curriculum ideas that incorporated technology as integral to their learning units.
June 1, 2007

Each grant recipient received $500

Carol Aitken
Samuel R. Donald School, Bloomingdale, NJ

Curriculum Unit: We Will Rock You!
This lesson incorporates science, computer skills, and writing. Students do research on the Internet to gather information about the different types of rocks and the rock cycle. Check Presentation
Krista Albrecht
Forest Lake Elementary, Wantagh, NY

Curriculum Unit: George vs. Abe
This unit incorporates Social Studies, English Language Arts and Computer Science. The students learn about the lives of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, and recall facts learned in two online stories.
Kristin Baker
Mansfield Township Elementary, Port Murray, NJ

Curriculum Unit: The Cost of Life
After interviewing adults working in several fields of interest and using the Internet to research starting salaries, each student selects a career. The related salaries become their starting points as they develop their monthly budgets.
Claire Casaccio & Tracey Butler
Frances Carter School (PS 384), Brooklyn, NY

Curriculum Unit: On My Honor Webquest
This unit is centered on the reading of Marion Dane Bauer's Newbery-award-winning novel, On My Honor. Through participation in a variety of engaging learning activities, students arrive at a better understanding of the novel and its themes.
Mike Frerichs
Bardonia Elementary School, Bardonia, NY

Curriculum Unit: The School Roadshow
This lesson uses episodes from the PBS Antiques Roadshow website to stimulate student interest in primary sources.
Karen Kliegman
Searingtown School, Albertson, NY

Curriculum Unit: Tell Me a Story: WORLD CAFE BOOK CLUB
Students read and share books from different cultures through author studies and online book reviews. They brainstorm the meaning of "culture" and complete family trees to explore their heritage.
Mary Kohmuench
Lakeland Regional High School, Wanaque, NJ

Curriculum Unit: Welcome to the World of Color Web Quest
This webquest is designed as an advanced set of lessons in the study of color. Students test their knowledge and do extensive research on a specific color that they present to the class using Microsoft PowerPoint or in the form of a movie or brochure saved in pdf format. Check Presentation
Nicole Luongo
Lincoln School, Rockaway, NJ

Curriculum Unit: Dental Detectives
Dental Detectives focuses on the theme of dental health and hygiene. The teacher designs and implements several key activities for students.
Brian McCarty
West Hollow Middle School, Melville, NY

Curriculum Unit: Fractions, Fractals, and Pascal
Students create Sierpinski's Triangle using the centimeter ruler and a pre-designed equilateral triangle with sides of 16cm.
Cherie Reid
Howell Middle School South, Howell, NJ

Curriculum Unit: Kids Thank A Veteran
Students of any age simply say "Thank you for serving." They can then register their first name only and their state on the site. Comments are also welcome.
Julie Reksc
Woodglen Elementary School, New City, NY

"The Ultimate Instrument" is an interactive unit in which students design, create, and learn about the instrument families of the symphony orchestra through the use of technology.
Mary Jane Rochford
East Elementary School, Long Beach, New York

Curriculum Unit: The Parts of a Friendly Letter
The students complete activities on the laptaps in partnerships, using the parts of a friendly letter.
Tara Sottnik
Holy Name of Mary School, Valley Stream, NY

Curriculum Unit: The Trail of Tears
The students are assigned to a collaborative learning group to research different facets of the Cherokee Indians, including their removal, known as the Trail of Tears, and present their findings using a multimedia presentation format.
Lisa Parisi & Christine Southard
Denton Avenue School, New Hyde Park, NY

Curriculum Unit: The Podcasting Project
This podcasting project unit is a culminating assignment for our five leveled reading groups. Each group is reading chapter books in the fantasy genre.
Stacey Tarbell
Sandyston Walpack Consolidated School, Layton , NJ

Curriculum Unit: Greek Gods Webquest
This project focuses on the gods and goddesses of Greek Mythology. The students are assigned one of the major Olympian gods/goddesses.
2006 Teachnet Grant Winners

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