What do mammals, like rabbits, deer, and bears do in the Winter?

Some animals, including rabbits, deer, and Western Grey Squirrels, are active all Winter. Others, like the Eastern Chipmunk and the Black Bear hibernate, or slow down their heart rate and breathing rate, and enter a deep sleep. They usually eat as much as possible in the fall so they have extra fat to help them survive on less food during the Winter. Although they do not need as much food during the Winter, most animals will wake up to eat occasionally. Bears also hibernate, and may stay in hibernation for months before they wake up. Animals that stay awake also find ways to avoid predators. Rabbits and hares shed their brown summer fur and grow white fur so they will blend in with the snow. Whether awake or hibernating, small animals usually store up nuts, hay, or other favorite foods for the winter, and also look for fresh food by digging under the snow or nibbling tree buds.

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